Back-To-School Month: The Perfect Time to Start Clear Aligners

The beginning of every school year is a time of fresh starts and new routines. On the other hand, it can be a hectic season where parents are more than excited to send their children back to school for another successful year.

With so much to look forward to during the new school year, Orthosnap is an effective way to get a picture-perfect smile without the embarrassment and hassle of traditional braces. Back-to-school month is an excellent time of year to encourage parents to start a new clear aligner treatment for their teens.

Why Orthosnap is a Great Option for Teens

Teenagers have a lot on their plates these days—extracurriculars, part-time jobs, and socializing with friends. Many teenagers worry about appearances and don’t want braces to restrict their busy, complex lives. Here are a few ways that Orthosnap can benefit teenagers:

  • Unnoticeable: Orthosnap’s patented process manufactures precise, clear aligners without the use of 3D printing. Our aligners are perfectly see-through without opaque striations and reduced measurement errors.
  • Comfortable: Orthosnap’s patented process produces aligners that fit snugly to the teeth for effective alignment. Without the need for cumbersome wires and brackets, Orthosnap is much more comfortable than traditional metal braces.
  • Unrestrictive: A perk of plastic aligners is that they can easily be removed and put back in. Teens do not have to give up their favorite foods or take a time-out from other activities, like sports and playing instruments. Young athletes with metal braces are at risk for serious injury if they forget to use mouthguards. Brass and woodwind musicians who use their mouths to play their instruments often go through an uncomfortable adjustment period. With Orthosnap, play on!

Ensure Compliance with the Orthosnap Difference

A common issue for all orthodontic treatments is patient compliance. It’s common for adolescent patients to struggle to meet treatment guidelines. . The Orthosnap system encourages patient accountability and compliance using unique, patient-centered methods, including:

  • Verification Key™: Most clear aligner companies create an entire set of aligners and directly give them to patients. Providing all aligners to patients at the beginning of treatment does not ensure that patients follow their treatment plan as prescribed. If this happens, patients end up with results that deviate from the original plan and may result in further treatment. Every eighth Orthosnap aligner must be fitted in the office to confirm treatment is on target. Verification Key technology ensures in-office monitoring about every 16 weeks. It also gives patients more appropriate and precise treatment, which often means fewer adjustments.
  • Step Financing: You get what you pay for with the Orthosnap system. There are no upfront costs, and patients pay as they go.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: If you need us, we’re here. Our customer support line is available all day, every day for patient and doctor-centric care.

Become an Orthosnap Partner Today

Orthosnap provides everything patients and doctors need for a seamless experience for both parties. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive consultations with our representatives
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Training and product updates
  • Online portal for case tracking
  • Customed plans with objectives set by the practice
  • Marketing support
  • Custom packaging
  • Educational materials for doctors and patients

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