Office Manager Appreciation Month

Office Manager Appreciation Month

Many pieces of the dental team fit together like a puzzle to contribute to the practice’s success, but there are many reasons to recognize dental office managers.

Dental office management is the backbone of the dental practice, and the dental office manager has many responsibilities to keep a practice running smoothly, from coordinating schedules to delivering an exceptional patient experience to marketing.

September is Office Manager Appreciation Month. To celebrate, here are some ways that partnering with Orthosnap can set your practice administrators up for success and help ease the workload of your busy office manager:

Excellent Customer Service

According to a study published by Dimensional Research, offering excellent customer service is ranked as the number one factor that impacts their trust in a company.

When patients feel heard, they feel valued. By answering their questions promptly (if not instantly), patients can feel more confident in their orthodontic treatment and their dentist’s office. 

With 24/7 customer service, Orthosnap-related questions can be directed outside of the office, so that office managers can focus their precious time on daily goals instead of answering orthodontic treatment inquiries.

Customer Retention

Content, repeat patients build the bulk of most practices. According to a study published by Harris Interactive, almost 90% of customers have switched to doing business with a competitor after a poor customer experience.

Our virtual, organized system helps give office managers more time to foster more attentive, friendly customer experiences, which may lead to higher patient retention and five-star customer ratings online.

Care Coordination Support

Office managers deliberately organize patient care activities so that the entire dental team can support patients more effectively. Care coordination consists of teamwork, monitoring follow-up visits, and so much more.

It can be tricky to orchestrate all the different components of care, but an online portal for case tracking can help manage customized plans for each patient and can make the job much simpler for your office manager. What a great gift for your office manager during Office Manager Appreciation Month!

Employee Education and Retention

Office managers are responsible for coordinating training and managing support staff. If the office manager neglects employee training and development, it puts the entire practice’s future at risk. For companies with strong learning cultures, employee retention rates upsurge up to 50%.

Office managers can strengthen the professional learning culture by offering Orthosnap training and product updates to support staff, which can give employees more confidence and knowledge in orthodontic treatment.

Patient Education and Engagement

The healthcare industry has made great strides to be more patient-centric, especially by pushing better engagement. Patient education increases engagement because it empowers them to take more ownership of their care.

Orthosnap offers educational materials for both patients and partners. By issuing informative material, patients can stay active and educated about their treatment.

Marketing Support

The United States is a world leader in healthcare advertising expenditures, and this booming industry will continue to grow over time. In 2021, healthcare advertising is expected to increase by 18%.

Is your dental office manager in charge of marketing for your dental practice? For Orthosnap partners, marking support is included, which translates to higher profit margins for you and less time spent creating marketing materials for dental office managers.

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