Orthosnap: The Right Choice for a Healthy, Aesthetic Smile

As a practice owner, you see many types of patients. Individuals seek orthodontic care for several different reasons. One may be interested in improving the bite to enhance overall function and health. Another may simply want a more aesthetic smile.

The wonderful thing about Orthosnap is that treatment can be exactly what you want it to be. You know your patients. You know their commitment level. You understand their oral health and aesthetic goals. Orthosnap makes it easy to design a case from start to finish. In fact, you can work in tandem with our clinical experts, so that every step is exactly what you need it to be.

The Orthosnap Process

Orthosnap’s fabrication approach is truly unprecedented in the world of dentistry. Most aligner systems are created with CAD/CAM technology. Despite CAM’s success in fabricating custom crowns and bridges, there are limitations when creating clear aligners in this manner.

At Orthosnap, we combine advanced computer technology with the human touch. We build each set of aligners from a dynamic physical model. Each tooth is attached to the original cast using a dynamic pin. Each pin facilitates a 0.25mm step in the desired direction, then a tray is made for each of those sequential steps.

Moving teeth in this manner gives us a better understanding of interactions over the course of an entire treatment plan. The result? You can provide your patients with aligner trays that fit better. And because of the process we use, they’re more transparent as well.

Orthosnap for Aesthetics

All of us have patients that simply want straighter teeth. Orthosnap can certainly help achieve a more aesthetic smile. As the dentist, you have full control over what the treatment plan should accomplish. After talking with your patient during a consultation, you can then design a plan to meet his or her specific goals. If you want to discuss the case with someone, one of our clinical experts will be available to walk you through it.

Orthosnap for Health and Function

We all know that straight teeth accomplish more than enhanced beauty. A straight smile is a healthy one. And because Orthosnap’s fabrication process is so precise, our aligners can help your patients restore full oral health and function.

Our dynamic pin model helps us preview what the upcoming tooth movements should be. As we move the pins closer to their desired locations, we can ensure that the teeth fit together properly and that the bite is balanced.

Expert Help at Every Turn

With Orthosnap, you’ll always have a team of partners with whom to discuss your cases. Some may be straightforward. Others may involve a little finesse. Either way, we’re always available to help you troubleshoot or plan.

Low Commitment Level

Other aligner systems can be pricey. And non-compliant patients can make you lose even more money if they discontinue treatment. With Orthosnap, we offer a low-risk 3-Step-Start. For less than $250, you can obtain our Origin Model and Aligner with the first three trays. This gives you and your patient six weeks to determine if orthodontic treatment is appropriate.

Schedule a Demo Today

Orthosnap can help you maximize your time and your money – all while providing high-quality, accurate orthodontic care for your patients. Still not sure if Orthosnap is right for your practice? Contact us to schedule a demo. In the meantime, check out our Help Center.