7 Orthosnap Benefits that Can Boost Your Practice

Dentists are certainly not running short on orthodontic options for their practice. In fact, there are so many clear aligner solutions, it can be challenging to know which system to choose.

Orthosnap may look similar to other aligner trays. But in reality, our fabrication process is completely unique from alternative systems.

In addition to clinical advantages, there are also a number of Orthosnap benefits that can boost your practice. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most notable advantages of our system and explain why so many dentists are choosing it for their patients.

#1: Predictable Outcomes

Orthosnap aligners are created using our patented DPM (Dynamic Physical Model) process, offering unmatched precision and accuracy. Steps can be adjusted, if necessary, during the treatment process, with the help of our trained clinical team. As a result, your patients can enjoy predictable results.

#2: Patient Education

Patient compliance is one of the most important aspects of clear aligner treatment. Orthosnap provides educational materials, including the Origin Model. This original cast model is a useful comparison to demonstrate treatment progress. It also comes with an Origin Aligner so that your patients can practice inserting and removing the trays.

#3: Reduced Chair Time

Because Orthosnap aligners fit so well, results are far more accurate. As a result, compliant patients can enjoy less frustration and reduced chair time. This frees you up to see more patients.

#4: Reduce Practice Costs

One of the most notable benefits of Orthosnap is our 3-Step Start. In most cases, you can start a case for less than $200. We’ll send the first three steps to you – and over the next six weeks, you can make sure that your patient is compliant before deciding to continue. This allows you to plan more cases and focus on the patients who are committed to their treatment.

#5: Unparalleled Clinical Support

Our team of clinical experts is available for support whenever you need it. In addition to helping you make adjustments on current cases, we can also discuss potential cases with you. Simply send us the patient’s clinical records and set up a call. We can help determine if Orthosnap is a viable solution.

#6: Better Fit

Because of Orthosnap’s patented DPM process, our aligners offer optimal fit compared to other brands. Instead of relying solely on CAD/CAM, we combine computer technology with the human touch. This results in a tighter fit and faster, more effective treatment.

#7: Increase Your Revenue

Other aligners are made from a 3D-printed base model, which uses costly resin materials. Furthermore, each step requires that a new base model is created. In contrast, Orthosnap’s diepoxy model is only poured once, then adjusted with precision before making the next set of aligners. This process is far more affordable, and it allows us to pass the savings on to you. Learn more about how Orthosnap aligners are made.

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