Cosmetic Reasons for Choosing Orthosnap

As dental professionals, we know all of the advantages of orthodontic treatment. Sure, clear aligner therapy can create a beautiful smile. But the real long-term value comes from improved alignment, enhanced function, and better oral health.

The reality is, many patients only have cosmetic reasons for choosing orthodontic treatment. But with Orthosnap’s 3-Step Start, you can begin treatment for cosmetic purposes. Once your patients see the difference Orthosnap can make, they’ll be more likely to continue treatment for improved oral health. Let’s explore this topic in a little more detail.

What Does the Research Say?

If you’ve been in dentistry for a while, you probably remember this research study from 2012. Kelton Research took a survey and determined that individuals with straight teeth have more desirable qualities compared to those with crooked or misaligned teeth.

In fact, when looking at photos of various people, 58 percent of participants viewed those with straight teeth as more successful and wealthier. Forty-five percent of participants thought that people with straight teeth were more likely to land a job. The list goes on and on. Individuals with an attractive smile were viewed as happier, healthier, and smarter. They were also perceived as more successful in their love lives.

With all of this information, it’s easy to see why many individuals seek out orthodontic treatment for purely cosmetic reasons. As dentists, this may give us pause. But we must understand that cosmetic reasons for orthodontics is what gets many patients through the door. We then have an opportunity to build rapport and educate.

How Orthosnap Works

Unlike conventional aligner companies, Orthosnap uses a physical model to create an articulated bite. Each tooth is separated from the model, then reattached with a dynamic pin. Each pin moves the tooth 0.25mm, after which a new set of aligner trays are fabricated. Whenever it’s time for a new set of trays, our experts manually move the pins into the next determined position.

As treatment continues, different teeth may be selected and moved in real time. One of the greatest benefits of Orthosnap is that treatment is fully customized at every turn. So, if you need to alter something halfway through the process, you can. Our trained clinical experts are always available to walk you through any case.

Begin for Aesthetics, Continue for Health

The Orthosnap method is advantageous for several reasons. One reason so many clients choose our system is that there isn’t a huge upfront cost. With our 3-Step Start, you can initiate treatment under $250. You don’t pay for an entire sequence of trays. You start off with three sets of aligners, and if the patient is compliant, you can continue. This benefits you as well as the patient.

At the beginning of treatment, we will send you an Origin Model and an Origin Aligner. The model is a wonderful chairside tool that can be used as a comparison to the teeth before treatment. As patients see the progress that is being made, they’ll be encouraged to continue. During this time, you can also talk with your patients about orthodontics and oral health. Explain that it is an investment that will benefit them for many years to come.

Order Your 3-Step Start Today

Curious about incorporating Orthosnap into your practice? Find out how our method can deliver superior results for a lower cost. Check out our Help Center for answers to common questions. If you have a case you’d like us to review, schedule a time to talk with one of our experts.