How Orthosnap Can Save You Money Compared to Other Clear Aligners

If you offer orthodontics at your practice, chances are you’ve had some experience with one of the more popular and oldest clear aligners systems. Depending on your goals as a provider or practice owner, you may be wondering how to increase case acceptance as well as the bottom line. Here, our team will explore a few reasons why Orthosnap offers superior solutions compared to other aligner systems.

Orthosnap Makes it Easier to Start Cases

Unlike other clear aligner systems, Orthosnap offers a 3-Step Start, which allows you to have the first three steps delivered to your office. By doing so, you and your patient can go through the initial six weeks of treatment before determining whether or not to continue. This helps reduce the risk of patient non-compliance. If both parties decide to continue treatment, then you can order the number of steps you deem appropriate to reach the desired results. Orthosnap’s 3-Step Start costs less than $200. As a result, it’s easier to start and plan more cases without sinking a lot of money into them. Furthermore, this approach allows you to take time with each patient and build rapport along the way.

Orthosnap: Higher Quality, Lower Cost

One of the cornerstones of our company is that we offer higher quality aligners compared to other clear aligner systems, at a lower cost to you. How do we achieve that? Our diepoxy model is only poured once. We then alter that model using precise movements to create every aligner from that original. Conversely, other aligners use multiple 3-D printed models made from expensive resin materials, which cost far more to fabricate. These savings are then passed down to you and your practice, helping you attract more cases or increase margins on existing ones.

Why Orthosnap Works Better

Orthosnap uses a Dynamic Physical Model (DPM). This method allows for much greater accuracy compared to other brands. The difference can be seen and felt as soon as you try in the first aligner. Our trays fit more firmly and closely to the teeth, allowing full body movement, delivering a wider range of indications. In fact, Orthosnap boasts a 70 percent increase in accuracy compared to other clear aligner systems. We use methods of anchoring and layering to reinforce orthodontic movements. This can give your patients greater flexibility. Learn more about how our aligners are manufactured here. Orthosnap is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Many of our clients do not have previous experience in cosmetic orthodontics and are finding great success with our system. Additionally, we have clinical advisors on staff who can help you adjust any treatment plan in real time. This gives you the opportunity to reduce or increase the scope of treatment as the plan progresses.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in finding out if Orthosnap is right for your practice, start by sending us a case. Our experts can walk you through the treatment planning process and explain how to achieve the results you desire. For your first case, we recommend choosing a patient who understands the commitment required for clear aligner therapy. Furthermore, their oral health must be conducive to this type of orthodontic treatment.

Learn More about Orthosnap

To learn more about Orthosnap and how it can offer superior results compared to other aligner systems, check out our help center. You can also schedule a consultation with one of our experts online.