Do invisible braces straighten teeth?

Obtaining a picture-perfect smile is more likely today than ever before, especially for adults! Potential patients no longer have to weigh the pros and cons of having a crooked smile or wearing bulky metal braces. Invisible braces make the choice easy. Patients are surprised to know that Orthosnap® invisible braces offer more advantages than visual appeal and that they effectively straighten teeth.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how Orthosnap can straighten teeth and the many advantages of invisible braces.

How Orthosnap® Works

Our clear aligners are not equal to Invisalign®– they’re superior. In 2011, Dr. Yan Pogorelsky invented Orthosnap as a new and improved version of the extremely popular clear aligners. He designed them with all the limitations of Invisalign® in mind.

Orthosnap can correct severe dental misalignment without the need for tooth extractions and interproximal reductions.

We use a combination of dental art, science, and clinical effectiveness to provide our patients with the most accurate and successful results. Unlike Invisalign, we don’t use 3D or CAD/CAM technology because we’ve found it to be less effective and productive.

Instead, we hand-craft each aligner from patient impressions. Our patented process allows us to address specific patient needs by moving each tooth independently.

To prove that our product is superior, we conducted clinical and market trials with over 2,000 cases. Not only did these studies determine that our invisible braces are more effective for more difficult clinical cases, but that they are also more cost-effective.

Advantages of Invisible Braces

Why else should you offer Orthosnap to your patients? Other than being aesthetically pleasing, invisible braces offer the following advantages:

  1. Treatment typically takes less time than traditional braces and other clear aligner systems
  2. No dental extractions or IPRs necessary
  3. No diet restrictions
  4. No mouth sores related to metal wires, brackets, or rubber bands
  5. No tightening appointments
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Removable
  8. Comfort
  9. Affordability

Many of these advantages are specific to Orthosnap, not other clear aligner systems.

Dental practices can even benefit from offer multiple types of clear aligners because it broadens the pool of prospective and hopeful invisible braces patients. For instance, you may have a patient who asks for Invisalign treatment but isn’t a candidate because of the severity of their misalignment. In these cases, the patient often walks away feeling discouraged and disappointed. When you also offer Orthosnap clear aligners, the patient is quickly filled with hope again!

The same scenario could occur with a patient who can’t afford Invisalign. They will be delighted to know there is a more effective and more affordable option.

Straighten Teeth with Orthosnap

For dentists and orthodontists, becoming an Orthosnap provider is simple. We do all of the hard work, but you ensure the patient is keeping their part of the bargain. No special equipment or extensive training is required to become an Orthosnap provider, and our team provides yours with technical support and any necessary training.

When you offer Orthosnap to help patients straighten their teeth, they are more likely to agree to treatment. This is good news for you and your patient! Correcting dental misalignment allows the patient to feel more confident, have a healthier mouth, and appear more successful to others. 

For more information about our patented, safe, and effective clear aligners, call (516) 506-7606 today.