What are the advantages of invisible braces?

Are you looking to improve your patient’s smiles with orthodontics? Most likely, you are already aware of the increasing popularity of invisible braces. However, you may not be familiar with some of the reasons patients love them so much.

You also may not realize the differences between your clear aligner options.

After realizing the limitations of the then-current aligner technology, Dr. Yan Pogorelsky set out to invent a superior option. His years of research and dedication led to the creation of the Orthosnap.

Today, we will discuss the many advantages Orthosnap clear aligners offer.  

The Aesthetic Advantage of Invisible Braces

Patients agree—clear braces look better than traditional metal brackets and wires. While all clear aligners offer discreet treatment, Orthosnap takes “invisible” to the next level.

Other clear aligners utilize 3D printing technology for production. However, there are several limitations with this process. For instance, 3D printers cannot print angles, so “fillers” are needed. Not only are these fillers visible, but they also produce inaccuracies that affect the fit of the aligners.  

At Orthosnap, we make our aligners by hand, eliminating the flaws and lines produced by printers. The result is perfectly fitting, pristine aligners that are practically invisible when worn.

Duration of Treatment

In most cases, treatment with clear aligners is shorter than treatment with traditional metal braces.

As you can imagine, patients love the idea of completing their treatment and enjoying a beautiful, straight smile in less time.

With Orthosnap, the duration of treatment is even shorter.

This is possible because we use our patented process to produce aligners. Rather than utilizing a CAD-based system that can only move all the teeth as a unit, we can make precise movements to individual teeth. This ensures a perfect fit for each tooth, which increases contact and improves alignment capabilities.

Since other aligners do not fit perfectly, they take more time to move the teeth where they should be. Moreover, aligners that don’t fit properly cause discomfort, which decreases patient compliance and satisfaction. 

Learn more about our process, which creates aligners that fit perfectly and move teeth more effectively and efficiently.

Reduced Cost

Orthosnap aligners do not cost as much to produce, and we pass our savings on to you. This allows you to pass the savings onto your patients.

One of the biggest disadvantages of clear aligner treatment is the high cost.

When you choose to partner with Orthosnap, you can eliminate this problem by saving 30 percent or more on lab fees.

But don’t let our lower cost fool you. The reduced cost does not mean reduced quality. In fact, we have conducted clinical trials on over 2,000 cases, and these proved that Orthosnap aligners are superior, effectively surpassing all other available aligners.

Invisible Braces That Work for Most Patients

Another disadvantage of other clear aligner options is that they are limited in the types of movements they can produce. Patients with severe alignment or bite issues are not considered candidates for most aligners.

Furthermore, many patients who are considered candidates require extractions and numerous IPRs for effective treatment.

Our patented process, however, allows our aligners to treat patients who have clinical issues other clear aligners cannot address. Moreover, you will not have to extract teeth or perform so many IPRs. Some patients may require IPR, but they are necessary far less often.

Other Reasons Patients Love Invisible Braces

When discussing orthodontic treatment with your patients, it is helpful to understand what patients love about clear aligners.

Aside from being a discreet treatment that works faster than traditional metal braces, there are other advantages:


Instead of brackets and wires that poke and cause injuries, clear aligners are made of smooth plastic. In addition, they are more comfortable since they do not have sharp or protruding edges.  


Since clear aligners are removable for eating, patients do not have any food restrictions. And patients can remove them for oral hygiene, which makes brushing and flossing easier and more effective. This reduces the risk of gum disease and dental decay.

Fewer visits to the dentist

Patients do not have to see the dentist each time they advance to the next set of aligners. Instead, they progress on their own at home. While they will still need to come in occasionally to ensure they stay on track with their treatment, it is less often than a patient with traditional braces.

Become an Orthosnap Provider

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Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you learn more about our superior technology.

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