Patient Education: A Vital Aspect of Orthosnap Treatment

Today, more and more providers are moving toward a patient-centric practice. It’s a way for individuals to feel heard, valued, and respected. After all, patients who feel comfortable in your chair are far more likely to return. Part of running a patient-centered practice is patient education.

In years past, patients listened to their dentist’s recommendations, had whatever treatment was discussed, and went home. Today, doctors are more likely to sit down and discuss treatment in detail. Oftentimes alternative procedures are explained. Advanced technology has even allowed dentists to give their patients previews of their new smiles – before treatment ever begins.

At Orthosnap, we promote patient education as an integral part of the treatment plan. Here, our team explores some of the benefits of education and transparent communication between patients and providers.

More Informed Choices

Virtually every doctor would agree that individuals should be empowered when it comes to their treatment plan. Proper education ensures that patients can make informed decisions about their overall healthcare. When patients are more knowledgeable about their situation and possible treatment options, they can confidently identify which course of action to choose.

Part of this process is understanding the patients’ personal preferences. Then, providers can help steer individuals in the right direction, so they can choose an option that aligns with their goals.

Better Results

When patients know how treatment works, they are much more likely to adhere to your recommendations. With Orthosnap, a commitment to treatment is paramount in achieving the desired results. Because the aligners are removable, patients must be sure to wear them at least 22 hours every day. If they fail to do so, they won’t achieve the outcome they want.

Many providers lose money due to non-compliant patients. Orthosnap offers the 3-Step Start, which helps you save money in the event that an individual stops treatment. With our 3-Step Start, the first three sets of aligners are shipped to your office. This allows you and the patient to continue treatment for about six weeks before deciding whether or not to move forward.

Broader View of Oral Healthcare

While educating your patients in your office is essential, it’s also a good idea to provide them with other resources. If you’ve been practicing long enough, you know that some individuals are perfectly happy allowing you to steer the ship. However, some patients want to know all they can about their potential treatment. In these cases, having a variety of resources at your disposal can help patients feel more confident about their options. Knowledge helps individuals gain a broader view of their oral healthcare.

Decreased Liability

Patient education also significantly reduces your liability as a provider. When patients understand what is required of them during treatment, they can choose to adhere or not. If individuals become non-compliant, make sure it is not due to an oversight on your part. We recommend providing patients with written resources explaining how treatment works. Of course, signed consent is also essential. When you take these simple steps, it helps to decrease your liability as a provider.

Learn More about Orthosnap

Whether you are considering Orthosnap for your practice or are already a seasoned provider, it’s important to understand the role that patient education plays. To learn more, explore the Orthosnap Help Center. Our experts are always available to answer questions and discuss cases with you.