Why Dentists Should Offer Orthodontics in their Practices

Not everyone thinks of general dentists when they think of orthodontics, but that’s about to change. General dentists that offer orthodontics give their regular patients an excellent service because they already have an established relationship that helps them understand their health histories, unique personalities, and overall oral health goals.

While patients need orthodontics for many reasons, there are several reasons why general dentists can also benefit by offering clear aligner therapy. Here are five ways that becoming an Orthosnap provider can help add value to your practice and patients’ lives.

1.     Become More Competitive in the Market

From an evolutionary perspective, people seek comfort in familiar surroundings. Familiarity is fundamental in dentistry because it can be a factor that eases tension in a perceived stressful environment.

By understanding general dentistry and orthodontics, you have one leg up on your competition because you will become a multi-specialty practitioner. Instead of referring your patients to a specialist, you can use Orthosnap to treat virtually all orthodontic cases in the place that they already feel comfortable in—your office.

2.     Maintain Your Patient’s General Oral Health

Although some patients request orthodontics purely to improve aesthetics, misaligned teeth are a much deeper problem. Because crowded teeth are more challenging to clean, avoiding orthodontic treatment is linked to an increased risk of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and a host of other oral health problems. Additionally, an imbalanced jaw may lead to TMJ problems.

Supplying clear aligner therapy is a powerful way to stop these adverse effects. Your patients should appreciate that you can solve a wide range of oral health problems under one roof.

3.     Increase Your Revenue

Adding clear aligner therapy to your service menu can create practice growth and positively impact your revenue. When you increase your practice productivity, economic growth follows. Learn more about our pay-as-you-go aligner pricing designed to help providers earn more revenue.

4.     Modernize Your Practice

Are you loyal to paper charts, word-of-mouth advertising, or other antiquated dentistry techniques? Take a closer look at how you manage and market your practice. Also, are you offering treatments that are in high demand?

When you become an Orthosnap provider, you’ll be able to be a part of the ever-growing multi-billion-dollar clear aligner market. Also, you will gain access to our online portal for case tracking, marketing assistance, and more provider support tools that can streamline your practice in the 21st century.

5.     Level Up Your Skills

As a general dentist, if you decide that you’re ready to specialize but don’t want to go back to a time-consuming, pricy residency program, offering Orthosnap is an alternative way to become a part of a niche dentistry field. We provide the tools, educational materials, and support you need to offer clear aligner therapy successfully.

Become an Orthosnap Partner Today

Orthosnap provides everything patients and doctors need for a seamless experience for both parties. Our services include:

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·        Training and product updates

·        Online portal for case tracking

·        Customed plans with objectives set by the practice

·        Marketing support

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·        Educational materials for doctors and patients

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