Identifying Candidates for Clear Aligners

More and more dentists and orthodontists are offering clear aligners as an effective method of growing their practice and becoming a part of global, multi-billion dollar industry. With Orthosnap’s patented Dynamic Physical Model®, we can tackle more complex cases. Although not everyone may qualify for clear aligner therapy, the following people should:

Patients with Mild, Moderate, or Severe Malocclusion

The Dynamic Physical Model is structured so that each tooth that needs to be moved rests on an individual pin. Our design enables incremental movement of the affected tooth in isolation. Therefore, we can complete full-body movements instead of just tilting the teeth into alignment. Accordingly, Orthosnap aligners make more targeted movements, enabling us to handle a wide range of alignment issues, such as bite and spacing.

Patients with Overall Excellent Oral Health

Clear aligner therapy aims to gently move the teeth so that the mouth is healthier, easier to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. It’s wise to correct underlying health issues before prescribing Orthosnap clear aligners.

For example, it’s ideal for an individual to have gums that are in good shape before, during, and after orthodontic treatment. If your patient suffers from periodontal disease, their teeth and jawbone are at risk for infection as the disease progresses. Furthermore, neglected periodontal disease can negatively impact tooth stability and bone density. So, take the time to manage essential oral health before committing a person to a new regimen.

Patients that Had Braces in the Past, But Their Teeth Are Beginning to Shift

Shift happens. Sometimes, it’s due to age, tooth loss, or even not wearing a retainer as directed. Whatever the reason, a person who has already experienced orthodontic treatment is an excellent candidate for Orthosnap.

Generally speaking, patients who’ve already undergone orthodontic treatment need subtle changes, which means shorter treatment times. If they are well-acquainted with braces, your patients may appreciate our clear aligners’ discretion, comfort, and removability factors. Furthermore, the second round of orthodontic treatment may translate to more compliance—since they’ve already experienced the consequences of noncompliance.

Patients of All Ages

Although some clear aligner systems are intended only for adults, Orthosnap can be used for younger and older patients. However, no matter what age your patients are, it’s crucial for our providers to have the confidence, experience, and expertise to prescribe and manage orthodontic treatment. For example, the clinician must thoroughly understand the loss of deciduous teeth before prescribing Orthosnap to a developing child.

Patients that Can Commit to Visiting Your Office From Time to Time

At Orthosnap, about every eighth aligner requires an in-office visit known as the Verification Key. While it’s true that not all clear aligner brands require frequent office visits, it’s also true that not all clear aligners brands embed a simple system to keep patients accountable, on track, and can adjust treatment as needed.

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