At-Home vs. In-Office Clear Aligners

Currently, the direct-to-consumer dental alignment industry is the newest dental frontier. Startup companies aggressively bombard people with advertisements about their services on social media, billboards, and more. Even though the at-home braces market is booming, those who seek do-it-yourself orthodontic treatment must brace themselves for the dangers. 

Are your patients considering direct-to-consumer orthodontic treatment? Gently remind them to think again and to consider these four warnings about at-home clear aligners:

Dental Impressions

Excellent dental impressions are essential because no two smiles are the same. Initial impressions: 

  • Establish a starting point
  • Give lab technicians a clue as to what the patient’s teeth look like
  • Are a valuable tool for demonstrating a dramatic “before and after” transformation

Although often marketed as a simple process, at-home impression kits can pose a unique challenge for untrained hands, and users typically need additional guidance. Generally, at-home aligner companies offer two chances to take impressions successfully (or require patients to order a new kit). Occasionally, other companies require in-person 3D scans at retail locations. 

Instead, Orthosnap prefers that impressions are made in experienced hands and well-equipped offices. We accept PVS and digital impressions completed by a partnering doctor. Capturing professional impressions without imperfections, holes, or tears helps our lab technicians create high-quality clear aligners that fit patients perfectly.

Price Point

Sure, some consider at-home aligners affordable, but at what cost? Thankfully, the dental insurance coverage and access gap are steadily closing, but inequity still occurs. About half of Americans skip or simply do not have access to dental coverage, so some turn to cheaper methods to receive dental care. 

Even though at-home aligners fill the low-cost care niche, it doesn’t necessarily make healthcare experts feel comfortable, including the founding Head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Gossman School of Medicine in New York, Arthur Caplan. Recently, Caplan explained, “It’s a symptom of a broken health care system: getting dubious-quality online services without much accountability because mainstream services are unaffordable.” 

Orthosnap’s patented manufacturing process allows us to reduce the cost of the product by more than 30%, which can help lower the price of treatment without sacrificing safety and adequacy.

More Complex Cases

Not everyone qualifies for at-home aligner kits. Often, direct-to-consumer aligners are limited to minor spacing or alignment issues. On the other hand, Orthosnap’s patented system allows for more precise and accurate movements. Therefore, we can perfect more complex cases in record time.


Orthodontic treatment is a powerful medical treatment that must be taken seriously. Unfortunately, unmonitored treatment can lead to serious, long-term dental health problems. Conversely, frequent in-person evaluations can help patients reach their goals safely and on track. So, our doctors fit Orthosnap’s Verification Key™ in person so that both the patient and doctor can verify that treatment is on schedule and potentially reduce hiccups.

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