Michael Loeb of Loeb.nyc Joins Orthosnap

Dr. Yan Pogorelsky, creator and founder of Orthosnap®, published three patents in the United States in 2011. Since that time, the company has grown immensely. By 2015, the product had been approved by the FDA and was being offered by 200 providers in the New York City area. A year later, 100 patients per month were undergoing orthodontic treatment with Orthosnap. As Orthosnap continues rapid growth, the company is taking a sensical next step. We are thrilled to announce that Michael Loeb of Loeb.nyc is joining Orthosnap’s Corporate Board of Directors. Read the official press release here.

More about Loeb.nyc

Loeb.nyc is a venture collective that helps startup businesses reach their full potential. With an impressive portfolio of over 18 direct investments, Loeb.nyc founders, Michael Loeb and Rich Vogel, have created a new model exclusively for startup investments.

What does this mean for Orthosnap? It means that we can significantly reduce the risk associated with startups and early business growth. With Loeb’s help, we can focus more on branding, strategy, operations, sales and marketing, technology, data analytics, facilities, and community.

A Word from Orthosnap’s Founder

Yan Pogorelsky, the founder of Orthosnap, had this to say about Loeb’s investment:

“Orthosnap has served a growing number of dental practitioners since 2012. Our product and its unique advantages are ready to be shared more broadly and we’re thrilled to have the support of Loeb.nyc. The opportunity to have a positive and significant impact on the lives of millions of people is what motivates and inspires us and our dentist partners each and every day.”

A Word from Michael Loeb

Founder and CEO of Loeb.nyc, Michael Loeb, is not only investing in Orthosnap, but he is also taking a seat on the company’s Board of Directors. Here’s what he had to say about this new venture:

“We are pleased to announce our investment in Orthosnap, an innovative adult orthodontia company with a true path to dominance in the clear aligner space. I look forward to working closely with the Orthosnap team to see that this superior aligner is introduced to more and more dentists so it can benefit more and more patients.”

How the Investment Came to Be

For the past year, Orthosnap has benefited from the consulting advice of Michael Yoon, Founder of YonoVentures, LLC. Encouraged by Orthosnap’s success thus far, Yoon introduced the company to Loeb.nyc. He had this to say about the recent investment:

“Orthosnap is poised to have a huge impact by bringing safe and affordable dental care to the millions of people who can benefit from Orthosnap’s Clear Aligner treatment, and Loeb.nyc is the ideal partner to help achieve that goal.”

How this Investment Will Help Our Clients

Orthosnap’s primary goal has always been the same: To provide patients with a superior clear aligner solution. The best way to do that is to educate dental providers and the community about our product, which achieves unparalleled accuracy by combining digital technology with physical cast models.

With the help of Loeb.nyc, Orthosnap will be able to reach a larger audience and have a greater impact on the oral health of Americans.

Contact Orthosnap Today

If you’re a dental provider who wants to incorporate Orthosnap into your practice, reach out to us online anytime. You can also email the inventor and founder, Yan Pogorelsky, at yan@orthosnap.com.

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