Encouraging Patient Compliance During Treatment

Orthosnap, like other clear aligners on the market today, are removable. Therefore, patient responsibility and discipline in wearing the aligners is key to a successful treatment. Luckily, Orthosnap makes it easy to check for diligent, daily wear with our Verification Key™ aligner. When you do realize a patient is not diligently wearing Orthosnap aligners, there are things you can do to help encourage more regular use for improved treatment success.  Below, learn some tips from our Orthosnap team to help you during those important conversations.

If your patient is not regularly wearing their Orthosnap aligners, the Verification Key™, available for every 10 steps (or 3-4 months), alerts you that treatment is not progressing as it should. Be honest with your patient of your findings and ask them why they believe their treatment isn’t progressing normally. Be sure to listen and take in any clues that could alert you to the reason why compliance is lacking. This could be that they snack frequently and forget to put the aligner back in, they find it alters their speech, they don’t like the look of the aligner, or they simply forget. Address their issues and advise on a solution that can work for them.

Stay Positive but Realistic

Rather than pointing out the negatives of a lack of compliance, focus on the positive effects of patient compliance and regular wear. By talking about the reasons behind treatment, and the opportunities Orthosnap provides for a more aesthetic smile, you can encourage compliance without making patients more resistant through negative comments.

Include the Parents in the Conversation

For teenage patients, consider speaking with the teen about the aesthetic benefits, while looping in the parent or guardian about any monetary benefits of compliance. Be sure to have a separate discussion with the parent about being a support system within the home. Explain to them the importance of regular wear, and go over the treatment instructions again with them. It’s important for teenage patients that their parents or guardians are helping to direct and support responsible wear during the entirety of treatment.

Consider Extra Appointments

For those patients who may be struggling to comply with treatment, additional appointments could help hold them responsible. Consider having them schedule more frequent appointments to simply check-in, and allow you to view progress.

Reward Compliance

Consider starting a smile board for Orthosnap customers who finish treatment on time. Offer a small bag of goodies for patients once they complete treatment, or a discount on a whitening treatment. Place in a high-trafficked area so people see previous examples of successful treatment cases.

The Importance of Doctor Partnership with Orthosnap

Ultimately, your face-to-face relationship with the patient is one of the biggest benefits of Orthosnap, compared to popular mail-order aligners. Be sure to use your face-to-face interactions to encourage and help patients get the most out of their Orthosnap treatment in the shortest amount of time. Patients happy with their treatment success will be such a benefit to your practice when they recommend your services to family and friends.

To learn more about Orthosnap’s treatment process, or our Verification Key™ which allows for easy monitoring of patient compliance, visit our Doctor Partnership page, or email Orthosnap founder Yan Pogorelsky at yan@orthosnap.com.

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