Talking Points for Potential Aligner Treatment Customers

When describing the benefits of clear aligners, low visibility, ease of cleaning, and effectiveness in moving teeth are all important topics. But what personally motivates patients to make the commitment, both in time and money, may vary significantly with age. Whether speaking to a teenager, working parent, or senior citizen, knowing how each stage of life influences purchases can be key in convincing patients of the benefits of Orthosnap clear aligners. After discussing these age-targeted benefits, remember to explain how Orthosnap products do not rely on digital impressions as Invisalign® and ClearCorrect® products do. Orthosnap produces each tray from an original cast, eliminating issues that plague other aligner companies.


Anyone raising teenagers knows there is a lot going on in their lives. Many teens experience social pressures to fit into this group or that. Physically, their bodies and teeth are still developing. And they are developing good oral hygiene practices that will hopefully continue throughout their lives. One benefit of discussing dental options with teenagers is that they are generally receptive to advice from adults.

For the teenager’s parents, it may be helpful to explain how an early start on straightening teeth can deliver better results than trying to fix crowded teeth later in life. Parents should also appreciate the fact that they are sending their kids into the world with the confidence of a healthy smile. Cavities are more prevalent when teeth are not properly spaced, meaning an early start with alignment trays may mean less cavities (and dental hygiene problems) down the road.  

Teenagers are more prone to speech impediments than adults. One talking point for them could be an explanation of how the structure of their teeth affects speech. Both parents and teenagers are familiar with traditional wire-based braces. Reminding both members of a family that technology has brought major advances is teeth restructuring technology can go a long way in defining the advantages of Orthosnap aligners.

Working-age Adults

As we age into our 20s, 30s, and beyond, our careers and reputations become top priorities. For better or worse, our leadership abilities in the workplace are partly influenced by our outward appearance. It’s human nature. When someone exudes healthy hygiene habits, co-workers and managers take notice. A healthy smile implies a strong work ethic. Similarly, individuals who do not take care of their appearance appear to be less organized and potentially lacking leadership traits. Straight rows of teeth add to the power of a smile. And the world could always use more smiles.

Many workers and parents put their careers before themselves. Orthosnap aligners can also be marketed as one small way working adults can reward their years of selfless work, especially when the results have direct implications for how they are perceived in the workplace.

Adults Over the Age of 60

As we enter retirement age, life’s priorities again change. Studies have shown that our teeth are a major determining factor in how old (or young) we appear. Who wouldn’t want to cut five years off their age? That may not be possible in literal terms, but straightened teeth can help a customer at least appear to have shed a few years. Older adults may also be more interested in how properly aligned teeth can improve chewing and swallowing functions. Finally, senior citizens are keenly aware of terms like crowns, dentures, and dental implants. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean and protect than crowded teeth. An investment in OrthoSnap may be one way to preserve natural teeth.

Benefits of the Orthosnap Process

At Orthosnap, we provide aligners that are superior and more effective than our competitors. Our process also reduces overall cost, meaning you can offer your patients competitive price-point options. To learn about Orthosnap’s innovative modeling system, visit our webpage How Orthosnap Works or email Orthosnap inventor Yan Pogorelsky at

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