How To Straighten Your Teeth At Any Age

Straight teeth never go out of style. But, if you’re over 40, you might believe the lie that it’s too late for you to get braces. Truthfully, it’s never too late to pursue straight teeth. And did you know that children as young as six can begin orthodontic treatment? It’s true!

If you’ve been thinking about your smile or your child’s smile, now is the best time to get started. Contact your dentist or orthodontist to ask about Orthosnap clear aligner therapy. Our partners work with patients to provide quick and effective orthodontic treatment. Continue reading to learn the answer to the question “can you get braces at any age?,” more about the benefits of straight teeth, why Orthosnap is your best option, and how our clear aligners work for patients of all ages.

What are the benefits of a straighter smile?

Straight teeth offer several benefits, including:

  • Better oral health: It’s easier to clean straight teeth. They are perfectly spaced so you can fit floss between two teeth. Overlapping teeth make it difficult for toothbrushes and floss to effectively remove plaque and tartar. Straight teeth make brushing and flossing easier and more effective so you reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Reduced jaw alignment issues: Crooked teeth can stress your jaw joints and lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Symptoms of TMJ disorder include jaw pain, headaches, earaches, and dizziness. Correcting your dental alignment can relieve these issues.
  • Better overall health: Chronic oral health conditions, particularly gum disease, can lead to overall health issues like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. Get ahead of these overall health conditions by taking care of your oral health, starting with clear aligner therapy.
  • Higher self-esteem: Do you cover your mouth when you laugh or smile? Do you avoid talking in groups of people? Do your teeth keep you from taking chances? Straighter teeth can help you overcome insecurity and help you feel more confident walking into a job interview, a first date, or picture day at school.
  • Better first impressions: Did you know that people with beautiful smiles are perceived as more successful, happier, more intelligent, and more attractive? This is according to a study done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

These benefits are why so many adults are seeking orthodontic treatments and making sure that their child’s teeth are taken care of at a young age.

Can you get braces at any age?

Orthodontic treatment with traditional braces or clear aligners has very few age limitations. The only reasons you might not be a candidate for clear aligners is if you have certain oral health issues, are missing teeth, or have dental restorations. However, in many cases, these conditions won’t prohibit you from orthodontic treatment. Always speak with a dentist or orthodontist before making your final decision.

What is Orthosnap?

Orthosnap is a clear aligner brand that makes superior aligners with the most effective technology to ensure better outcomes and beautiful smiles. Unlike other clear aligner companies, we don’t use 3D printing because it can lead to an uncomfortable fit of the aligners and striations on the aligners (the point of clear aligners is that they are supposed to be clear, right?) Instead, Orthosnap uses traditional impressions and a high-quality model to create perfectly-fitting aligners that are comfortable, without striations, and more efficient than other clear aligner brands.

We work closely with dentists and orthodontists to treat various types of malocclusion, including:

  • spacing
  • crowding
  • overbite
  • underbite
  • crossbite

Our aligner system is designed to treat more complex cases than other clear aligner brands, and it is broken up into phases for your convenience and ease of treatment. Schedule an appointment with an Orthosnap dentist near you today to learn more about the treatment time and how we create your specific treatment plan.

Orthosnap For All Ages

Orthosnap clear aligners are suitable for ages seven and up. Here are the benefits of orthodontic treatment at any age:


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first orthodontic visit by age seven. During this appointment, the orthodontist assesses the child’s airways, teeth, and oral habits.

For some children, early orthodontic treatment is essential for proper jaw and dental development. Orthodontics can help correct bite problems at a young age before the child develops his or her permanent teeth.


Teenagers and braces go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, many teenagers are choosing clear aligners over bulky, noticeable, and uncomfortable metal braces. Orthosnap clear aligners are especially beneficial for teens because compared to traditional metal braces (and other clear aligner brands), they are less painful, less noticeable, and sport-friendly.

Gapped or crooked teeth can also cause teens to feel insecure about their smiles. Traditional braces won’t help this issue of insecurity during treatment, but clear aligners can. If your teen doesn’t want to wear braces for their misaligned teeth, find an Orthosnap dentist near you.

A major concern for parents and dentists regarding clear aligners for teens is compliance. We stress the importance of compliance to patients of all ages because without it, treatment won’t work.


Like we said before, there is no age limit for adult braces. In fact, more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment than ever before. It’s important to have a smile that you are proud of, and it’s even more important to have healthy teeth and gums.

Many adults wear braces to help with issues like crooked teeth, gaps, and even bruxism. Traditional braces as an adult can be painful and the process long. Metal brackets and wires can irritate your gums, lips, tongue, and cheeks, something patients don’t experience with our clear aligners.

Our clear aligner system is comfortable and works efficiently to provide you with a beautiful smile that you are proud to show off.

Begin Your Orthosnap Treatment Today

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of straight teeth? Does your child need early orthodontic intervention? Do you want your teenager to feel more confident and capable? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, find an Orthosnap dentist near you today.