Orthosnap vs. Other Clear Aligner Brands—Which is the Best Choice for Your Patients?

Most people have heard of clear aligners—a removable and “invisible” alternative to braces. Who wouldn’t prefer an “invisible” option? One that doesn’t leave your mouth filled with unsightly and painful metal?

The problem with some clear aligner brands, however, is that it is not a viable option for many patients. It can also be more expensive than traditional braces.

That’s why Dr. Yan Pogorelsky decided to invent a superior option. One that would make “invisible” braces available to a much larger population.

Welcome to the newest innovation in braces: Orthosnap.

Orthosnap vs. Other Aligners—You Do Not Have to Sacrifice Quality to Save Money

Orthosnap has the same function as other aligners—clear aligners that correct misaligned teeth—but comes with a much-reduced price.

How is that?

Have you ever experienced the difference between a “brand name” and generic product?

Sure, sometimes the “brand name” is worth the extra money. But not always. Sometimes there is little, if any, difference between “brand name” and generic—aside from price. In fact, sometimes they are actually the same exact product with the same ingredients and are even produced in the same plant. The only difference between the two is the label. Oh, and the price.  

Sure, there are some people who choose a name brand just because of the name. Many pick more expensive products because their favorite athlete endorses them. Others believe you “get what you pay for” and think the price guarantees a better a product.

However, if you want a good value with proven results, Orthosnap is the best choice.

And guess what? You aren’t sacrificing quality. Instead, you get the new and improved version of clear aligners, which were invented in 2011 by Dr. Pogorelsky and are FDA approved.

Orthosnap conducted market and clinical trials on over 2,000 cases in the first three years. These trials proved that the effectiveness of Orthosnap surpassed all other aligners on the market. The trials also demonstrated that Orthosnap can take care of many clinical issues that other aligners cannot address.

All this while reducing costs by over 30 percent.

Who says you have to sacrifice quality to save money?

How is the Orthosnap clear aligner brand superior?

We didn’t invent aligners, but we found a way to improve them. Our patented approach improves the effectiveness and accuracy of straightening teeth by using impressions.

Most aligners on the market utilize CAD-based systems and 3D printing. While CAD has progressed dentistry in many areas, it is not the best option for aligners due to certain limitations. For instance, 3D printing is not capable of printing angled surfaces, so “steps” must be utilized. These “steps,” which are visible to the naked eye, result in inaccuracies that don’t allow for a perfect fit.

Without a perfect fit, it takes longer to get the teeth where they should be. It also causes patients discomfort, which decreases compliance. 

At Orthosnap, we produce our aligners from patient impressions. The process involves making an original cast, then performing fine-tuned manipulations to the teeth. A new aligner is created after each manipulation. This process is repeated until the teeth are all properly aligned.

Another reason our aligners are superior is that our process allows fine movements to each tooth separately, ensuring an exact fit for each one.

The end result is a sequence of trays that will gently move the teeth as the patient progresses in treatment.   

Since they fit so precisely, the aligners produce a firm “snap” when they are put in place. And because of the perfect fit, patients receive faster results with higher satisfaction levels.

You can also rest assured that the aligners are manufactured under precise controls here in the United States.

Click here to get more information about the patented process.

What to Expect with Orthosnap

Orthosnap helps with gaps, crooked teeth, and overlapping. Patients interested in this advanced technology will need a consultation with an Orthosnap provider to determine if these aligners are right for them.  

Once a patient is ready to get started, impressions are made and sent to the Orthosnap processing facility. The aligners are custom-made based on a patient’s impressions.

Patients should wear the aligners as much as possible. The more they keep them in, the faster the teeth will adjust. We suggest patients only remove the aligners to eat and brush their teeth. Most patients have no difficulty keeping the aligners in all the time since they are made of a thin, clear material that is comfortable and hardly noticeable.

If the aligners are kept in place enough, patients can expect to advance to a new aligner every two weeks or so. Each new set moves the teeth closer to the perfect position.

When treatment is completed, your patients will thank you for their beautifully straight teeth.

Ready to get your patients started on their new smiles? Our team at Orthosnap will be here every step of the way. We are a full-service manufacturer and offer training and technical support free of charge.

Contact us online or call (516) 506-7606 today to learn more about this exciting technology or to find out how you can become a provider.