A Guide to Promoting Clear Orthodontics in Your Practice

Convenient and discrete orthodontic solutions are more popular than ever — and more talked about than ever — in part due to new, buzzed about straight-to-consumer clear aligner solutions. Right now, it’s more important than ever to promote your professional services for removable, clear orthodontics. Advertise the benefits of working one-on-one with a dentist during orthodontic treatments throughout your practice. Doing so will give more people the opportunity to talk with you and your staff about improving the alignment of their smile safely and effectively.

Promoting your clear aligner orthodontic services can be done in a variety of ways. Choose a mixture of promotion methods that will appeal to a variety of patients at different stages in the decision process.

Hang signs and displays

Posters or small displays in both the waiting area and in exam rooms are a low-pressure way for patients to begin thinking about . Highlight the benefits of working with a dentist for smile correction. Dispel common myths patients may believe about treatment, including:

  • “Orthodontic treatments must come from orthodontists.”
  • “Clear aligners are too expensive for me.”
  • “Clear aligners will take longer to align my smile than traditional braces.”
  • “Clear aligners can’t fix my smile.”

Tag, post, and like

Your practice’s social media accounts are a great place to promote clear aligner services. Post before and after photos, include testimonials from patients, and even record a short video explaining your treatment process. Inform your audience that you provide a professional solution for non-traditional orthodontic treatment. By utilizing hashtags that include your practice’s location and services, people searching for local clear aligner treatment can find your practice easily.

Snap some photos

Photos do wonders for starting conversations about orthodontics. By creating a photo wall, or a dedicated area in your practice to display patient smile photos, you can establish credibility and remind patients about your range of services. The collection also builds patient loyalty; you can encourage goodwill by asking those patients who have transformed their smiles for permission to be featured.

Dedicate web space

Create a web page and blog posts on your practice’s website dedicated solely to clear aligner treatment. Creating more online content about your specific services will help people discover your practice when searching online for orthodontic solutions in your area. Blog posts answering common questions about clear aligners are a great resource if patients want additional resources to share with guardians, family members, or friends.

Talk one-on-one

The best way to promote clear orthodontics is to discuss the treatment option with those patients, or guardians of patients, who are good candidates. This can be anyone who:

  1. is an older teenager or adult
  2. has over-crowded teeth, gaps in teeth, crooked teeth, protruding teeth, crossbites, or overjets
  3. is serious about treatment and will be diligent in wearing aligners

Ask questions to determine your patient’s desires for their smile. Listen to any concerns and have printed materials detailing next steps and additional resources on-hand. Talking to patients in person is a more personal way to discuss the full benefits of clear aligners for their specific situation. You can also explain the benefits of working with a dentist rather than a popular direct-to-consumer option.

Get started today

Talking to patients face-to-face is ultimately the best way to promote clear orthodontics and help your patients create the smile they desire; small marketing efforts like those detailed above can help you start more conversations. While patients may ultimately decide against treatment, your conversation may ultimately help them avoid seeking orthodontic treatments from lower-quality or unreliable sources.

To learn more about what sets Orthosnap apart from other clear aligners on the market today, and why it could be a more affordable and more effective solution for your patients, visit our Why It Works page.  or call our office at 516-506-7606.

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