Timing Ortho with Other Dental Treatments

There is rarely such a thing as a straightforward case. This is particularly true for patients with multiple dental issues going on. If orthodontics are necessary, the timing of the treatment is especially important. Because Orthosnap combines traditional methods with modern techniques, the timeline for treatment is similar compared to conventional braces and Invisalign®. Since each patient is unique, every treatment plan will vary according to the needs of the individual. Here, we will explore timing ortho with other dental treatments and offer general guidelines.

Orthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

When a patient presents with severe decay affecting multiple teeth and their first question is, “Am I eligible for braces?”, you have your work cut out for you. Many patients do not understand the importance of healthy teeth and gums prior to orthodontic treatment. In most cases, patients will need to receive crowns, fillings, and other restorations before pursuing braces. Of course, if an individual has one or two small cavities and wishes to undergo orthodontics, you may be able to begin restorative treatment and orthodontics at the same time.

Orthodontics and Periodontal Care

If you are like most dentists, you won’t even think of shifting the teeth if a patient has periodontal disease. After all, if the supporting bone is compromised, orthodontic treatment could prove disastrous. That is why it is crucial to eliminate infection and gum disease before starting orthodontics. Once the teeth, gums, and supporting jawbone are healthy, braces can be placed successfully.

Orthodontics and Dental Implants

The standard treatment recommendation concerning braces and dental implants is that orthodontic treatment should always be performed first. Because dental implants are anchored firmly into the jawbone, they cannot be moved once integrated. However, there are always exceptions to any rule. You may have a patient who needs a stable anchor point in order to shift the teeth. In such cases, you may consider placing an implant first. When it comes to timing ortho with other dental treatments, our team at Orthosnap is here to answer your questions.

Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry

Many patients who seek cosmetic dental procedures wish to straighten their teeth. Orthosnap can be an ideal addition to any smile makeover. In most instances, orthodontic treatment can be performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as dental bonding and teeth whitening. If your patient is considering porcelain veneers, our team at Orthosnap recommends moving the teeth before placing custom restorations.

Personalized Treatment for Comprehensive Care

Of course, as a dentist, you are the only one who can make the final call when timing ortho with other dental treatments. Orthosnap has revolutionized the way we move teeth. However, our innovative methods should not change the way you plan treatment. For example, if you would perform traditional orthodontics before placing implants, then we recommend straightening the teeth with Orthosnap first as well.

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