Drawbacks of 3D-Printed Orthodontic Aligners

clear aligner on dental model

3D printing has changed the dental industry indefinitely. Innovation by companies like Align Technologies has certainly set a precedent for clear aligner therapy. In fact, this system is still used by major aligner companies, including Invisalign®, ClearCorrect®, and most recently, the Smile Direct Club®. As dentists, you already know there are limitations to 3D-printed aligners. …

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The Zeitgeist of Clear Aligner Therapy

woman holding protective case with clear aligners

While clear aligners have been in mainstream use since the 1990s, the concept of this orthodontic treatment has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Here, we offer a brief historical overview of clear aligners and explain how they became one of the most popular orthodontic options available today. 1925: Remensnyder’s “Flex-O-Tite” Device …

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Orthosnap Celebrates Shipping Their One MILLIONTH Aligner

Check out theses articles, from PR Newswire and Yahoo! Finance, that explain and celebrate the success we’ve accomplished by shipping out our one millionth aligner. We are so honored by all of the customers who have chosen to invest in this wonderful product. For additional questions or comments, please reach out to our office.

Patient Education: A Vital Aspect of Orthosnap Treatment

Today, more and more providers are moving toward a patient-centric practice. It’s a way for individuals to feel heard, valued, and respected. After all, patients who feel comfortable in your chair are far more likely to return. Part of running a patient-centered practice is patient education. In years past, patients listened to their dentist’s recommendations, …

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Orthosnap: The Right Choice for a Healthy, Aesthetic Smile

smiling young woman holding clear aligners in protective case

As a practice owner, you see many types of patients. Individuals seek orthodontic care for several different reasons. One may be interested in improving the bite to enhance overall function and health. Another may simply want a more aesthetic smile. The wonderful thing about Orthosnap is that treatment can be exactly what you want it …

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7 Orthosnap Benefits that Can Boost Your Practice

woman's hand holding up clear aligner against gray background

Dentists are certainly not running short on orthodontic options for their practice. In fact, there are so many clear aligner solutions, it can be challenging to know which system to choose. Orthosnap may look similar to other aligner trays. But in reality, our fabrication process is completely unique from alternative systems. In addition to clinical …

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Cosmetic Reasons for Choosing Orthosnap

girl with clear aligners in protective case

As dental professionals, we know all of the advantages of orthodontic treatment. Sure, clear aligner therapy can create a beautiful smile. But the real long-term value comes from improved alignment, enhanced function, and better oral health. The reality is, many patients only have cosmetic reasons for choosing orthodontic treatment. But with Orthosnap’s 3-Step Start, you …

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How Orthosnap Can Save You Money Compared to Other Clear Aligners

close up of woman placing clear aligner in her mouth

If you offer orthodontics at your practice, chances are you’ve had some experience with one of the more popular and oldest clear aligner systems. Depending on your goals as a provider or practice owner, you may be wondering how to increase case acceptance as well as the bottom line. Here, our team will explore a …

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Do invisible braces straighten teeth?

woman with invisible braces

Obtaining a picture-perfect smile is more likely today than ever before, especially for adults! Potential patients no longer have to weigh the pros and cons of having a crooked smile or wearing bulky metal braces. Invisible braces make the choice easy. Patients are surprised to know that Orthosnap® invisible braces offer more advantages than visual …

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