How to Improve Patient Compliance

Compliance is the cornerstone of successful orthodontic treatment, and Orthonsnap providers must encourage optimal levels of patient compliance. Nevertheless, we also understand that patient compliance can be tricky. Need support to tackle this hurdle? Continue reading.

Begin with the End in Mind®

In his New York Times Best Selling Book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s second habit for successful people is to “begin with the end in mind.” Dr. Covey highlights the importance of facilitating a pattern of personal vision and valuing potential.

Orthosnap Patient Compliance Tools that Support Beginning with the End in Mind

Before beginning each case, Orthosnap provides an origin model, origin aligner, and matrix so that doctors and their patients can foster this mindset. Our patented tools establish square one and show patients where their teeth can be using tangible items.

  • Origin Model: The origin model is the original cast model that corresponds with the patient’s alignment before treatment.
  • Origin Aligner: Dubbed as “Step #0,” the origin aligner is a clear set of aligners that corresponds with the patient’s alignment before treatment and indicates no movement. Doctors can place attachments to the origin aligner, if necessary.
  • Matrix: If necessary, doctors can place attachments to the origin aligner with the matrix. This mechanism helps stabilize footing and is intended to fit on the patient’s teeth the first time and on the copy of the model.

Understand the Emotional Cycle of Change

Are you unsure why patients give up on treatment? Developed during the mid-1970s by psychologists Daryl Conner and Don Kelley, the Emotional Cycle of Change model helps explain how people react to changes and why people give up on their goals. In modern orthodontics, the Emotional Cycle of Change can help explain the emotional stage that a person may be in from the time he or she may be in at every stage of treatment. Below, we have interpreted how each stage of this cycle could potentially connect to a timeline of clear aligner treatment:

  1. Uninformed Optimism: The beginning of orthodontic treatment is the most exciting stage! Patients can imagine the (especially with our previously stated tools) and are committed to treatment without experiencing any costs or downsides.
  2. Informed Pessimism: With growth comes discomfort, and all lifestyle changes can feel a bit uncomfortable. Unfortunately, patients may begin to question if treatment is really worth it as they adjust to their new lifestyle with aligners during this stage. 
  3. Hopeful realism: Patients develop blind faith and trust that things will get better.
  4. Informed optimism: The possibility of success seems more obtainable, and positivity increases again.
  5. Completion: The once difficult actions are now routine, and patients embrace the ride and can see that treatment is worth it.

Orthosnap Patient Compliance Tools that Help Patients Adapt to the Emotional Cycle of Change

Unfortunately, if patients cannot push past their informed pessimism and doubts, they fall into the “Valley of Despair.” During this stage, many people check out and give up on treatment because the benefits of change can feel trivial or far away. 

Usually included after the 8th step in the treatment in a typical set of 10, Orthosnap’s verification key helps patients understand precisely where they are in their treatment. This particular aligner is designed to be fitted in office. When framed as a tool to empower patients, the verification key can help patients:

  • Feel more confident that their clear aligners are actually working
  • Understand that these changes will be worth it after their final aligner

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