Orthosnap vs Invisalign®

Are you considering offering orthodontic treatment with clear aligners to your patients? While many patients and doctors call all clear aligners “Invisalign,” there are different options available. Here, we will discuss Orthosnap vs Invisalign® so you can decide which is the better option.

What is a brand name?

A brand name is a product that is manufactured by a particular company using a particular name. For instance, many companies sell laundry detergent, but you can buy this product from numerous companies under names like Tide, Cheer, and Gain.

But when someone asks for a product by name, they aren’t always expecting a particular brand.

Did you know most Southerners ask for a “coke” when they really want a carbonated beverage other than Coca-Cola®? Have you ever asked for a Kleenex® when you needed a facial tissue?

Sometimes items mysteriously take on the name of a brand.

This is the case with Invisalign. So often, patients state that they are looking for “Invisalign,” but what they really desire is invisible braces. Most patients don’t understand it is a brand name. Many don’t realize there is a better brand available.

Orthosnap vs Invisalign—What They Have in Common

Both Orthosnap and Invisalign offer clear, removable aligners, or trays, that gently move teeth into their desired position. Many of the benefits are the same.

Some of the benefits of clear aligners include:


Both options are clear and fit teeth snugly, offering nearly invisible orthodontics.


Both options are more comfortable than traditional metal braces, which have wires and brackets that can break, poke, and cause soft-tissue injuries. Also, the movement of teeth is much gentler, so patients avoid the discomfort of “tightening day.”

Unlimited Food Options

Since you remove the aligners to eat, you do not have any of the food restrictions that come with traditional metal braces.

Easier Oral Hygiene

There are no wires or brackets to maneuver around while performing oral hygiene. Simply remove the trays and brush and floss as normal.

Fewer Visits With the Provider

Clear aligners allow for fewer visits with the dentist, as patients can move to the next series of aligners on their own without having to show up for wire tightening.

Orthosnap vs Invisalign—which is superior?

Some people chose brand names for the sake of the name. For instance, maybe your mom always made your sandwiches with a certain brand of peanut butter, so now you always buy the same brand.

But just because it is the only brand you have eaten, it doesn’t make it the best peanut butter. There could be a better-tasting peanut butter available. And that better-tasting option may even be cheaper.

Dr. Yan Pogorelsky loved the idea of Invisalign as an orthodontic option. But he also believed he could improve clear aligners so they could be a viable option for more patients.

You see, Invisalign has many limitations. The aligners cannot correct severely misaligned teeth and bites. And many patients who opt for treatment with Invisalign must undergo tooth extractions and interproximal reductions.

That’s why Dr. Pogorelsky invented Orthosnap in 2011.

The unique, patented, FDA approved design of Orthosnap allows treatment for a much larger population without the need for extractions and numerous IPRs.

How do we do this?

Instead of utilizing 3D printing, we avoid the limitations this process produces by hand-crafting aligners from patient impressions. Rather than relying on a CAD-based system that moves all the teeth as a unit, our patented process allows us to move each tooth independently. This ensures an exact fit for each tooth.

Learn more about our process, which creates perfectly fitting aligners that move teeth more effectively and offer more comfort for patients.

And we have studies to back up our claims. We conducted clinical and market trials in our first three years on over 2,000 cases. These trials demonstrated that Orthosnap effectively surpassed all other aligners available on the market. In addition, we proved our aligners can take care of patients with clinical issues other aligners cannot address.

Orthosnap vs Invisalign Cost

Some people truly believe you “get what you pay for,” so they always choose the most expensive brands. Rather than considering the quality and function of materials or the efficiency of a company, they only look at the price tag.   

But higher cost does not always guarantee a better product.

In a price comparison for Orthosnap vs Invisalign, the difference is obvious. If all you want is to offer your patients the most expensive option, then Invisalign is your choice. If, however, you want a more economical option that is new and improved, you should look into Orthosnap and save over 30 percent in cost.

When you choose Orthosnap, you are not sacrificing quality. In fact, you are choosing a superior option for your patients.   

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